Poem #14

All these possibilities,
Confined and controlled,
To such a small size,
It can all be consumed whole,

Is that all there really is,
Just these few avenues,
Down which we chase,
To alter and erase views,

As it moves forward,
Everything seems so small,
Little pathways at the edges,
Hope, at least, outside it all.


A great guy, with a massive heart,
You always have a smile,
Even when your shoes are falling apart,

You make people laugh until the point they’re crying,
Not in sarcasm though,
Just through all that honest lying,

An interesting conversation is always guaranteed,
From talks of social liberation,
To information on when you last pee’d,

Now also the proud owner of one less phone,
So instead non-attachment,
Is what you claim to own,

Leaving Wilderland higher than before,
With chopped up flip flops at your heels,
You’re destined to soar!

In Response To Inglenook

Always wanting to look out for everyone else,
Using everything available to free himself,
From the chains of being human,
From the chains of being human.

“Never trust me, I’m South American” he claims,
Even in that statement a doubt is framed,
For all it is still definitely true,
In time and friendship it becomes subdue.

Singing in the most delightful keys,
Embracing all his own idiosyncrasies,
A dream that echos from a future song,
Is a dream destined to come along.

As for the woman full of flamboyance,
Attitude and flare is definitely her nuance,
Embracing life in a laugh and that look,
She caught me in the warmth, by the inglenook.

Then there is the French duo,
A connection rather fated if I must say so,
Perfection in partnership at least to me,
Playing off each other, in honest harmony.

As for the girl who is strictly regimented,
It’s a perfected way of keeping up her fences,
To protect her mind from what she knows,
Which locks her up in and from, life’s woes.


Hello! Welcome to the edge,
I’m over here! In the abyss,
No signs warned of this ledge,
Ironically they couldn’t be missed,

Actually signposts can’t be erected,
Though we’d like more people to arrive,
Anyway you’re randomly selected,
With only the one rule, you drive,

Living around these parts is pretty kaleidoscopic,
We are, actually, there is no official we,
Apart from the other I’s, but that’s another topic,
If you arrive, you’ll see,

Erm… Kaleidoscopic! As I was saying,
We (unofficially) range from aliens to dinosaurs,
Though most of us are just constantly playing,
For no reason and not much cause,

People who look over the edge but don’t ever cross,
May think that when you land here you might have slightly changed,
They may stop speaking to you at their own loss,
Potentially they may even class you as a little bit deranged,

Don’t worry though, as this is the fun part,
Now you will slowly begin to observe,
All the other edge crossers simply by heart,
Opening you to a world in which nothing’s absurd,

Freedom to be who you are unwavered by environment,
Life to be lived and sold at your peril,
Moments to envelop you fully inside them,
People to make you believe and forget your devil,

So, if it sounds like this tea could be for your cup,
Put the kettle on the stove and wait,
Just when it’s cool enough for that first sup,
Is perfection, not too soon, not too late.

Initial Interior Illusion Installed

Tantalising tales tickle today,
Delightful daisies delicately decay,
Fresh feelings freely frolic,
Momentarily memories meander melancholic,
Wonders wished wander whimsically,
Culminating creativity collides catastrophically,
Persona percolates previous perceptions,
Elated environment eases exceptions,
Brazen binds beyond broken,
Animus and anima awoken.