Waking up, wide yawn,
Rain pours, a mind worn,
Dreary, drizzly, drops,
Putting on all the stops,
A little just to help me shift,
From this tattered blue sofa I must lift,

Needed change up ahead,
Enough of words only said,
Rollercoaster journey for the inside,
Derailing, off the bank I slide,
Through dense bush I tumble, topple and roll,
Landing, comatose in my hole,

Hard work to clamber out,
Especially with no one, to hear me shout,
To help or to hinder me,
Only I can escape to be truly free,
For in this situation upon which I dwell,
Is only just a challenge or the depths of hell.

Three, Forever More

Afternoon on the beach,
A bunch of children play,
Back to youth we reach,
Did we ever stray?

Four and three quarters,
Tall enough to be six,
On the shore of calm waters,
Our true age clicks,

Shell collecting at seven,
Laughing silly at four,
Ten and definitely not eleven,
Three, forever more.

Communal Hall

Feet arrested upon Old Man Pine,
Yoga mat holds a stretching spine,

Reheated tea freshly served,
Precious silence softly stirs,

Book pages indelicately turn,
Cooking food begins to burn,

Singing voices filter in,
Lights flicker and gently dim,

Conversations murmur and mumble,
Rain drops roll, skies a rumble,

Footsteps heavy across a wooden floor,
Swinging shut fast, a closing door,

Laptops play a nonsensical drone,
Niches of people, together, alone.

Space Travel

To travel worlds and time,
Is all inside the mind,

Imagination will unravel,
True space travel,

Galaxies far away,
Traveled in moments not days,

The body need not move,
If the mind can slip into the next groove,

Frequencial energetical shift,
Rather than a rocket in lift,

Once we explore the depths of us,
Is when we will go from Woody to Buzz.


Waiting for that person to come,
Waiting for that thing to start,
Another setting sun,
Another slowing heart,

Lingering in longing,
Waiting in wishing,
Potential of nothing,
Continue fishing,

One moment more,
A bite will arrive,
Definitely sure,
Someone else will drive,

Next thing you know,
Heavenly lights shine,
You missed the go,
You’re out of time.