Waking up, wide yawn,
Rain pours, a mind worn,
Dreary, drizzly, drops,
Putting on all the stops,
A little just to help me shift,
From this tattered blue sofa I must lift,

Needed change up ahead,
Enough of words only said,
Rollercoaster journey for the inside,
Derailing, off the bank I slide,
Through dense bush I tumble, topple and roll,
Landing, comatose in my hole,

Hard work to clamber out,
Especially with no one, to hear me shout,
To help or to hinder me,
Only I can escape to be truly free,
For in this situation upon which I dwell,
Is only just a challenge or the depths of hell.


3 thoughts on “Nectar

    1. Nectar, as in something that is sweet and enticing. The poem is in reference to an addiction and relapsing, I didn’t want to label so specifically what the addiction to was, so I use Nectar as a generalisation, so people can apply what addiction they want to the poem.

      At least this is the vain I wrote it in.

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