Misty Mountain

Up the mountain trail,
High into it’s misty vale,

Pausing for a quick look back,
Nothing there of your track,

To see that it has disappeared,
Is welcomed and certainly not feared,

For an unknown path shrouded in fog,
Is certainly better than being in that bog,

Over the top and onto the flat,
Zip up tight, hold onto your hat,

Many paths lay ahead,
Each may have, a little dread,

Take the one you feel is right,
If you don’t know, your feet just might,

Walk and walk until you find sanctuary,
Out of the mist, you’ll find it, trust me,

Rest, recuperate and resupply,
Even stay here, till the day you die,

A whole world still lies to be explored,
So stay, just don’t complain when you get bored,

Or leave that haven for new pastures green,
To live a life wilder than any dream.


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