Tribal Call

This is a call out to my tribe,
To all those who get the vibe,
To the ones who understand,
Of our place on this sacred land,

To the weirdos, freaks, outcasts and insane,
The people, aliens and all escapees of the game,
We are a band of many scattered far and wide,
A minority that is ridiculed and cast aside,

In the shadow is our un-rightful place,
By a society that is not ready and cannot yet face,
All the troubles and answers we bring to light,
Natural human difference is deemed but a fright,

Openness and love is equally disconcerting,
For this society doesn’t believe itself worthy,
We can unite to change all this though,
To make society see that it can drop its show,

There is no need for this tough guy act,
Just let them barriers of hate retract,
Stop the abuse of minds and souls,
Let all be free and the earth be whole.



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