Left. Right,
They  have to be in correct,
Wire underneath clothes,
Scroll… Scroll… Select,

Just an electrical frequency,
Making music for the ears,
Or more a magical prophecy,
At least, to the seers,

To technology we owe our due,
Yet if in magic you believe,
How do you know its not down to,
An instrumental mythical interweave,

From beyond our perception,
All tones could come to you,
By creatures, magical in deception,
Just out of view,

Butterflies, flying behind your head,
Elves, hidden behind trees,
Caterpillars, under a flower bed,
Moles, that no one sees,

Flowing flutes fluttering,
Pounding beats drum,
Beautiful melodies uttering,
Guitars sweetly strum,

Science can tell me I’m wrong,
And that it’s not real,
I guess they have a song,
From a different tale.


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