A Small Realisation

For years my life had been the most blissful of slumbers. It wasn’t perfect, it came with its moderate lows, it’s mediocre highs, but all in all, it was easy, nice. Never straying too far from the nest, never putting myself to any real test, everything, was just, ok at best. I didn’t ‘do’ art, I didn’t ‘do’ poetry, anything other than main stream, was not for me. Newspapers or television, abide or prison, earn or sponge, fit in or plunge. That was my life, boring, just, alright.

Then in one day, one month, one year, I simply awoke, with a hard struggle, everything broke. What I knew seemed false, almost a lie of a sort, is this me going crazy, was all I thought. Delving into myself, to see what I might find, what I would discover, would blow my mind. Life is just not, alright, it’s a mixture of eternal darkness, with an equal measure of unlimited light. All that sits, in between those two extremes, is condensed by the some, to make the most, believe they have limited dreams.

So I thought, surely I’m not the only one, all this, is as obvious as the sun. I found more, found them by the score. ‘Weirdo’s’, cast out by society, for having views, that just didn’t keep in with, its ‘sobriety’. How dare we question the system, or even insinuate, there is one. “This is just, how life is”, were told, don’t question, don’t break the mould.

Yet, that isn’t life, working nine until five, is just simply not right, we are more than money, we are a bird in flight, we are the whole universe, with all it’s might.

Once you see, that you are it all, how can you then ever be motivated, to go to work for someone named, Paul. As life is not to be wasted away on material gains, but invested in you, to release your chains. To free your mind, to the endless possibilities, to see that life, is countless, opportunities.


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