You wouldn’t expect to see,
A bumbling bumble bee,
At the sea,

Far from his hive,
A fair way he fly’s,
To see the sea, with his very own eyes,

Crashing waves upon the rocks,
Boats coming into the bustling docks,

Along the pier, fishermen cast out their line,
On the beach, families together, having a jolly old time,

The smell of salt surrounds Mr B,
From the fish and chip shop? Or is it from the sea?

Amazed at this, new wondrous sight,
He looks on in awe,
Then suddenly, shoots off in flight,

Further and further inland he goes,
Speeding over fields and valleys,
Back to the place he loves and knows,

Bursting through the hives front door,
He announces to everyone,
That the hive life, is for him no more,

“Why won’t you stay like most?” asks the Queen,

“Because, I’m in love with the coast and will not just love it in a dream!”

Some doubted, some encouraged Mr B,
Despite the hives opinion though,
He was always bound, for that sea.


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