Music & Love

Does most music portray the way we should love another incorrectly?

As to love someone, is to love them. The person. Not for what they can give you. As loving someone who “completes you” means that surely you don’t love yourself? As if you did you wouldn’t need someone to “complete you”. To fulfil a part in you that you are lacking. So you are loving them to fill that gap in yourself. For what they make up in you and not simply loving them for them.

From an early age most love songs you hear portray love in this way, that we need each other to feel whole and complete. Yet, when you look in the mirror, are we not already a complete whole?

Shouldn’t the imagine that is painted into out young minds be to love yourself first? That finding another is not to complete you and make you feel complete but that finding another is to enhance your life.

That really we shouldn’t even have the need to find someone as we already have our self.

That love is not about completion in ourselves but that we can complete our self, ourselves and that love is about simply that. Love.

Change the world, see that all the love we will ever need lies within.

To love all unconditionally.

One Love Is Truth.


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